Free Amazon Echo Dot!!

Christmas time is here! Mariah Carey is blasting on the radios and all the stores have been converted into holiday retail machines. With the holidays upon us, Honey Do has decided to help you get that special someone something they'll be able to use for years to come this Christmas.

As part of a package with our great partners at Protect America, we're offering our customers a free Amazon Echo Dot with their purchase of a Protect America security system. Protect America offers a variety of great systems that we will be able to customize specifically for your home. The Amazon Echo Dot syncs with your system, giving your loved one a new level of home automation for the holidays.

Let us help you before it gets too close to Christmas! Give us a call or sign up for a consultation and let us help you check some Christmas gifts off your list this year!

Merry Christmas from the Honey Do family.






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