A Little Bit About Us

Designed With You in Mind 

The fundamental idea behind Hello Honey Do is that we are able to provide a service to our clients that saves them time, saves them money and saves them headaches. We are real people who know the frustration of having to deal with all of the moving pieces that come with setting up your home services. 

With an innovative model and a deep understanding of the home services and utility markets, Hello Honey Do exists to solve some of the biggest problems associated with one of the most special days in a family or individuals' life. 

Full-Range of Experience for a Full-Range of Service

Hello Honey Do has a team comprised of experts and individuals from a variety of industries and disciplines to be able to deliver the best possible service and experience to you the customer. 

From home services, to the deregulation of energy markets, to marketing, to start-ups, to corporate funding, to retail technology and more, the Hello Honey Do team brings a level of expertise, customer care and creativity that is unmatched in the home services industry. 





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